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Welcome to Chop N' Shop, we're located at 27079. Chop N' Shop is a sub-mode only played with Rugers, Laws, stat guns, ak-47s, hk-mp5s, and socoms. ( At the moment). Now these guns aren't just any ordinary guns, they all shoot knives of some sort, hence the name Chop. When you start the game you have 50$, every kill you make earns you 100$, when you have enough you can view the shop and buy a weapon, hence the name N' Shop. On this server you're able to track your stats, take part in a poll, and much much more. I hope you all enjoy this server, I will be regularly maintaining it and  updating it weekly with maps and scripts ( mainly maps ). Top player stats will be tracked and put on website for all to see, and I will be creating a tournament sign-ups will be made available asap, in which i will announce the date when enough people have signed up. Having that said, Have fun play hard.

For more information on how to play, please visit our forums.


#CNS.soldat irc channel quakenet


The Top Ten High Scores are finally here! updated daily! ~Dpulse

  High Scores!

1. !SuxX! Darkcru [UniQ]

2. n8>> Kagesha.

3. [-DeAtH*PuLsE-]

4. IIS.Duke

5. [CN] open fire

6. Seeker hunter

7. Hi.

8. Serenity| .eGo

9. .Dr.Duke.IIS

10. Toke

Good job getting into the top 10 guys!

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